See my last SPA. what is missing there?

I have just finished my latest hobby project.
I have not had anyone testing around except for myself.
Please try to break it or if you have any suggestions, that would be highly appreciated.
Thanks, stay safe

At the moment the project is on a private repo. If anyone is interested on ‘how is done’ bits of code for this app, I am happy to share the repo or make it public.

I’ll flip the position of the cancel and submit buttons.
I’d want the message in redto disappear after some seconds or when i navigate away.

Really appreciate your feedback. Have you found it useful in terms of functionality?

I’ve just started using it, so far I’ve seen:

I love that when I click in the budget form fields that the placeholder jumps up to be the legend. It is out of the way, but still visible. I have no worry about whether I need to delete the placeholder or if I’ll be able to type over it.

I tried to type 3,000 into the budget available field, but it didn’t know what to do with my comma (I’m from the US)

I don’t know what ‘ojs’ means, so it makes me curious.

I’ll keep using it and see what else I see.

When I use tab to move through the new budget category form, I expect it to select the “Add” button, but it goes back up to the Title field.

When I added a second payment in one of my budget categories, the page didn’t scroll up so that I could see it. I ended up clicking the ‘+’ button twice, then wasn’t able to delete one of the payments.

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I haven’t tried to make such a difficult project yet. I’m still learning javascript. I like the look of your project. It makes me realize how many little details there are in making something like that functional. I think you are doing a great job. I do tend to use my keyboard for filling out forms using the tab key, so making the tab key go to the next field, then submitting on my final ‘Return/Enter’ when I’ve finished typing would be great. Or at least tab to the submit button, etc.

I’m looking forward to when I can accomplish this much in a project!

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Did you left all those console.log there on purpose?

You probably don’t want all those redux actions being printed in the console every time a user does something

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Thank you very much for your useful feedback. [terrifricker] I will do these fixes/improvements sometime over the weekend and deploy a new version.
[giovapanasiti] I always forget a c.log somewhere. No specific reason for the production build.

Hello again, I had a couple of hours free today and fixed what you guys suggested above.
Aside of that I have fixed random bugs and added other features.
Please let me know if you can break it or if you have other suggestions.
Really appreciate it, and thank you.

I liked it, but I felt something was lacking. What time period am I budgeting against? It’s fun to animate things, but not sure about the button movement. I would have rather have seen a color shade effect on hover rather than seeing the button move up/down. That’s my preference. Overall experience was good.

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I’ve started using it and the basic functionality is good. I was expecting the dashboard to show me all the budgets that i have created.

  • I entered 4f, 0r as expenses and they were accepted as 0 Euro’s. I think this can be shown as an error.
    I haven’t looked at the code as yet but will do so.

Great effort and a very practical app. This will only get better. :beers:

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Hi, thanks for feedback. At the moment I am replicating the app for mobile, using React Native. I hope that in 2 weeks is going to be available in app store (for free). I will consider your suggestion for the app.

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