Seeking Advice - Incorporating Coding into my Job

I work as a financial analyst and I would like to find ways to incorporate coding into my job. I hope that this will both help me learn and add value to me employer.

My initial ideas are I could build internal tools to value options, or automatically clean and format data that gets extracted from our systems.

Would JavaScript be an appropriate tool for these tasks? And has anyone had experience doing anything similar?

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Sure, JavaScript can do that, it’s a general purpose language. But note that for what you want to do, tooling available in Python or Java is generally likely to be a lot better quality than JS due to maturity and usage.

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SQL would be great coding for a financial analyst but you may already be doing that.

Thanks for the advice Dan. I agree that I see a lot of people using Python (or R) for this kind of work.

Is the same true for website development? Or is JavaScript still common for that?

Hey Saunder,

Yes I do use SQL, but I’m looking for a coding language that I can pair with SQL.

JavaScript is the only programming language that works in browsers, so JavaScript or something that compiles to JavaScript is necessary.