Seeking Clarification of Positive and Negative Lookahead Instructions

Use lookaheads in the pwRegex to match passwords that are greater than 5 characters long, and have two consecutive digits.

I have sometimes wondered if the instructions meant exactly two consecutive digits or at least 2 consecutive digits. What are everyone’s thoughts?

The current tests seem to indicate at least two consecutive digits as the solution regex would return true for 1a267dbcde.

Also, even though the instructions states at least 5 characters long, the solution regex appears to imply only alpha-numeric characters. However, based on the current instructions and assuming the answer to my first question was at least two digits, then the following should be a valid password (even though the current solution regex would say otherwise): 1a26?db!cde.

I think we should make the instructions a bit more specific:

  • “exactly two consecutive digits” OR at “least two consecutive digits”
  • “greater than 5 characters” (would need to adjust the solution regex and add a new test with other characters) OR “change to greater than 5 alpha-numeric characters”.

I am happy with the instructions being changed to be more specific, but, at some point, the tests do need to be leaned on to get more understanding of the necessary changes.

So, I would also be happy with no change being made :man_shrugging:

I have not looked at the challenge (no link provided :wink: ), but think “alpha-numeric” should be mentioned somewhere, as I am not sure we have covered much about them.