Seeking feedback from colorblind people

Hi guys,

my pomodoro clock is not done, but it just dawned on me that my choice of color may be problematic for some.
I use red and green in a traditionally circular progress meter and while the green is darker, I am not sure whether that is enough.

So if you suffer from color blindness, I’d be grateful if you’d take a look and let me know what you think and what kind of color blindness you have.

(All is red initially, click on the play button and after a few seconds there’ll be a bit of green at the top of the circle.)

Thanks and have a nice day :~)

I have regular red / green color blindness and I am able to see it just fine, although I think Blue/white or gray, would be a better option.

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Hello !

You could use an automated tool that detect color contrast ratio. This way you can be sure that colorblind or near blind people are able to see correctly your page.

here is the Chrome extension for this

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Thanks for your feedback. I’m deeply in love with the current color scheme, but maybe a breakup is in order :~(

Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll check it out.

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I also have red/green colorblindness and while i’m able to see them just fine, i believe looking at the clock for a while or at least having it in my field of vision would cause some eye strain eventually.

P.S: you have a couple typos in there (Pomidoro instead of Pomodoro)

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Thanks for your feedback, but pomidoro is not a typo. It’s the (Italian) plural of pomodoro (as far as I’m aware, I’m not Italian :~).

I’ve found the contrasa (flash unfortunately) app to be useful in testing color sheme quality.

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Pomodori :smiley:



Aha! For a romance language this makes much more sense. Thanks for letting me know / looking it up!

I opted for two color schemes that can be switched between, red/green and orange/blue with higher contrast. I hope that is good enough.