Seeking Technical Advice for a Climate Crisis Campaign

Hi. Hoping someone here can signpost help or signpost me to somewhere. I’m in the early stages of launching a nonprofit climate crisis campaign, aimed at getting the UK government and others to commit in law to spending 2% of national income (“A Week for the World”) on emissions reduction initiatives in time for the climate summit in November. It’s a better approach than targets for the future, as harder to wriggle out of. Big report from lots of NGOs in the autumn recommended it.

The campaign is to have a novel structure, borrowing from the world of multi-level marketing (Amway, Avon, Tupperware etc.) but with a campaigning motive replacing the profit motive. Participants will be able to build a network through getting people to sign up to the campaign through their own unique URL, and see how that network develops as they acquire campaign “grandkids” and further generations. There is more detail at a temporary DIY site,

I intend to set up a crowdfunder to raise the development costs for a website and app. But it’s a more complex proposition than the average website, as you’ll see if you go through “A participant’s journey” on the site. I was intending to get an operator who already produces multi-level marketing software to customise their existing platform, but what I’ve seen so far is very tacky and there’s also a reputational risk of using the same developer as some dodgy pyramid scam.

What I need to get to is someone/some people who can work pro bono and have enough technical knowledge to be able to draw up a detailed spec for the site, put it out to tender, and evaluate the bids that come back. And then, assuming our crowdfunder is successful, hold the contractor(s) accountable for delivering what they have promised. Of course, if there is a team of people who are actually willing to design the site and/or app and have the time and resources to do so, that would be a big win, but I’m not expecting that.

Please take a look at the site and if you think you can help in any way, whether directly or by pointing me to another forum or organisation, get in touch with me on this forum or at Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

The associations with MLM are going to make many people say “hard pass”, me included. MLM is intrinsically tacky because it is a scam.

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Something I want to emphasise is that people would not be charged for participating in the site. So it’s entirely different from MLM in that respect. It’s just the structure, with the flexibility for people to develop their own networks of supporters, to leverage existing celebrity and other social media followings and so on that is being imported. There is no promise or possibility of financial reward for participants - it’s just a souped up version of how petition sites worked, aimed at creating a more sustained involvement with the campaign than just clicking. But thanks for ringing alarm bells, maybe I shouldn’t even mention MLM, well aware of what a scam that usually is.