Select a child of a parent element

Hello everybody,

I have a little probleme when
when I select a particular element, all the article mouth.

I would like to select child element of a parent ?
The class name “element-price” .

Is the syntax bad? I do not put spaces between the elements?
Thank you for your help.

<article class="article-second-page">

                    <div class="text-item">


                      <p class="Explain">Why you do select this ?</p>

                      <div  class="element-price">25</div>

                      <div class="check">



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Thank you for this information which will be very useful to me. I start then sorry for the errors. I couldn’t find the option to ask for help to turn my post into a challenge.

that was the wrong message, it’s if you need help while doing the fcc curriculum

for your request, is that all your code? what do you want to select?
how are the two snippets connected to each other?

So you are wanting to just select the element

<div class="element-price">25</div>


If you want just one element, set an id on that element. Make sure the id is unique, not used for anything else.

Then select that id in the CSS referencing the id

See this:

HTML id Attribute

id is similar to class, but class is not unique, more that one element can belong to a class.

For class, you use a dot “.” , for id you use a hash sign “#”.

Than you @a_aramini for your help

I have already tried by selecting its class, it does not work, I will try with the id.

Yes, selecting by class will select every element with that same class name, this is not what you want. id instead :slightly_smiling_face:

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