Select a Group of Elements with D3

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Hello! I can not pass the test, please tell me what I am doing wrong, I tried other code variants, the test does not pass

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    // Add your code below this line"ul").selectAll ("li").append ("li").text ("list item");
    // Add your code above this line

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Тема закрыта , код протестирован правильно, ошибка нашлась

You are chaining too many methods:

  •"ul") : select the first ul in the code;
  • selectAll ("li") : select all the li in the actual selection ( inside the selected ul);
  • .append ("li"): append an li element to each element of the actual selection (all the li elements);
  • .text ("list item"); set the text of the actual selection (the appended elements) to ‘list item’;

Now, the challenge says:

Select all of the li tags in the document, and change their text to “list item” by chaining the .text() method.

Just choose two methods among the above list and you’re done! :slight_smile:

Test passed, thanks)

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