Select element with a linked text for add new options - Angular 6

Hi guys, i have a select element with many options. I need to have one option with a link “add new option”, and after clicked, show an input text element. I used a ng-select with ng-options, but in list options that show the html code " add new option . After that i tryied use the directive [InnerHtml] but i got the same error. After that i used ng-template but that show “<!—>”, and for last i created my custom directive, but i cant show the link in the list.

Can anyone help me with the best way to do that?
what i have:

<ng-select *ngIf="..." id="..." class=""
                      [formControlName]="..."   [placeholder]="field.placeholder">
            <ng-option *ngIf="...">
              <span >
                link to click
            <ng-option *ngFor="let val of x.options" [value]=""  >{{}}</ng-option>

After i have a like i want use jquery to hide the link element and show input text element.


Add the textbox with an *ngIf based on the selection value.