Selecting a certain range of pagination links in order to style theme with CSS

I’m new to js so please bear with me.

I’ve a very sample website which is a payed pagination service.
I need to apply CSS style to those navigation links which are greater than number 2 (means from page 3 to the end which is page 100) on the basis of logged in user roles in my php website.

more specifically, currently any user visits my website sees all pagination links (pagination buttons) have the same color (seems enabled) (although they will be redirected to buy subscription if they click on page 3 and next pages)

Buti want users with no subscription find out that pagination links from number 3 to end (page 3 to end) are like disabled for them.

So in fact i need to be able to select from number 3 (pagination button 3) to end in order to apply a simple CSS style (e.g color:#cccccc ) on theme so that they appear like disabled for users whom have no subscription.

how can achieve that via JavaScript?

so the requested logic is something like this:

if (current logged in user has purchases gold subscription) {
select links 3 to the end using JS, and apply CSS style to these links)

thanks in advance

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