Selecting Backend Technologies for a project

I have completed only the front-end part of the projects here at FCC and there is this opportunity I wish I could able to know a little bit more about just enough to be able to know what type of Developer I need for the job.

Talking about the job, Here is an attempt to describe what we want to achieve.

We want to create a website that stores customers information and provides a dashboard to our customers to let them see the services they subscribed to and the percentage of completion of each of the task related to the services they’ve subscribed to.

We want to be able to create internal users (our employees) and they will know what they are assigned to, and information about the addresses of our customers when a task is assigned on site. (Let’s say for example the customer A is subscribing to “Clean my car every Monday”, an employee responsible for car cleaning will see on his dashboard just enough information to complete the task, just like car brand, car nameplate, car color, the name of the customer)

We want the task to be assigned to employees just as the customers subscribe to services via our website.

Up to know, I have played moderately enough with HTML, CSS, JS. I have been reading and watching youtube about MongoDB, MySQL, Node.js, Django, CouchDB, Postgres. It gets overwhelming pretty quick.

I also would like to know if it feasible to use MS Access to store our data.

Any suggestion on how to go about selecting the right technologies and the right profile to help handle the backend of such an App?

Thanks in advance.