Selector color looks different from the tutorial when I type it on the code window for the challenge, is this normal?

Hello everyone

I’m new. I started learning HTML and CSS just a few days ago. While I was doing the attribute selector challenge to style different elements on CSS, I noticed something odd, to me at least. On the tutorial section “[type=‘radio’]” appears in blue. But when I type it on the code window, it looks like this:

Captura de pantalla 2021-08-11 100337

What’s making this confusing for me it’s that I passed this challenge regardless of that color difference. Sorry if this is too obvious.

It’s this normal? And if it’s not, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks so much for your help!

I wouldn’t worry about it as long as your code is passing. Most code editors actually allow the user to change the color schemes to suit thier personal taste so over time you may encounter many variations of color for different code elements.
I don’t think we have any control over colors here so just work with whatever colors they give us i’d say. So long as your code works

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the code snippets and the editor have different syntax highlightling, do not worry about their differences


Thank you both so much for your helpful responses. :slight_smile:

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