Selectors which are specific to Google play music

I want to know to about some selectors which are specific to Google play music. Any help would be appreciated .

@DanCouper Here’s the relevant question.

Hello, naimiii.

@DanCouper has been trying to get this across to you, in a very patient, and polite way:

We do not know what you know. This makes it difficult to help you with your questions, because they are too broad, and concern a codebase that most (if not all) freeCodeCampers know nothing about.

Yes, we could spend a few of our hours researching into it, and perhaps this would allow us to understand what is going on, but the only way it is practical for you to get useful help is to ask the maintainers/creators of the codebase. Or, anyone who is already contributing to the project.

With the information you have given us, this is the information we can help you with:

So, that is our advice; research enough to ask an informed question, or ask the owners to walk you through.

Hope this has been clear.