Selenium lessons FCC

I was looking through the various learning opportunities on FCC and found some one testing, but didn’t see anything regarding use of selenium.

Is selenium something that FCC has thought about doing lessons on?

I have used it some in my career and have found it to exceptionally helpful in doing testing/ qa.


@QuincyLarson would be the one to ask about our curriculum.

Yes - we would love to record some videos on how to use Selenium. It’s an extremely powerful tool. We may even include it in our Applied Quality Assurance challenges (currently available at

Would you be interested in helping design some video lessons for this (you could do screencasts right from your laptop and upload them to our YouTube in the style of @beaucarnes:

Alternatively, you could create guides right here on our forum with code samples, and we can add them to our wiki:

Thanks again for your suggestion. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help make these Selenium guides a reality :slight_smile:

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Hi @QuincyLarson it would be great to be able to contribute to FCC!

I will look at some of the beta qa challenges and start writing some selenium around them.

I’ve mostly used selenium to test a CMS style webpage to validate content that was expected to be present was present, and if not take a screenshot.

I’ve used it once before to manage access to applications that require a login every x # of days/ to make sure I don’t lose access.


I think it’d also be helpful, I write a lot of Automation testing for my job using Capybara (Rails DSL that CAN use selenium driver).

However the JavaScript tutorials for actually using the npm selenium package are pretty nil sadly.

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@msmith1114 I will have to read up on the JavaScript selenium bindings.

I will report back on that as well!

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