Self-Learned Female Posibilities in UK


Disclaimer: Sorry for my grammatical mistakes, I know it is annoying but English is not my first language.

I am 28 years old FEMALE. Unfortunately, I need to give this information in this world, still. Sorry, but you can’t even imagine how many times people asked me if I consider having a child soon during interviews, or never get back to me after they and figured out I am female.

So, long story short I have BA Fine Art and on that MA on Arts Management. I was working with galleries and just because of boredom I learned Wordpress ( I know it is not fascinating between the developers) I actually use some PHP and HTML and build the website etc and I have really enjoyed that experience.

I don’t want to continue with my career anymore. I am the IT guy of the family and friend circle.
My strongest skill is I love problems and I can actually solve them. I love working and my job needs to be my life, otherwise, it is slowly killing me.

Thanks to my ADHD, I need something to challenge me all the time. My most successful moments are my storm times. I love technology I love computers I love video games.

The question is I read thousand success stories about developing, bartenders, boot camps etc. But I couldn’t find a background story like mine, or nobody writes back the end after they asked. That is the reason I am here, I just need honest answers from people who actually involved this market.

  • What is the possibilities for me in the UK market as a self-taught female without any related background? How elitist they are?
  • Is being female a problem in this industry, recruiters often prefer a male or not?

Please having an electrical engineer degree and being developer way more different than having a fine art degree.

I am willing to do what it will take to 3 years learning whatever it is OKAY super fun for me. I am not looking for something easy on the opposite I am looking for a career which evolves every minute.
I just don’t want to hug the pink clouds and do not want disappointed after spent time and money to learn the badass things, be part of open projects everything you guys say all the time and then lose every time when recruiters compare me with a person with CS degree or CE degree.

Sorry for the long post.

TL: DR: 28 Female, BA Fine art want to be a developer in the UK and wants to learn is it possible, honestly?

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Great thing about web-development and programming industry in general is, you do not actually need companies to get into it and acquire experience.

While I am confident that your insecurity about it is unnecessary, even if it was true, you could just create projects on your own and become professional anyway. After that you will be able to find a job because you won’t be entry level anymore. It is also possible to get income from personal projects as well.

About having children - just answer to that question that you are infertile or just against having children.
If in future you will be “cured” or change your mind, they have no right to press that matter, since that is illegal anyway.

And it is possible for you to get that career, yes. Specially if you want it.
But you will never know if you do not try.

Since it will not cost you any money, you should just do it. Asking others will be pointless - no one can say 100% confidently if you can make it or not, because in this field result come from your skill level and effort, not from your gender or age.

No matter what answers you will get here, it will not fix your uneasiness about it.
The only thing that will fix it is actually doing it and getting a job in the field later.

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Dear Arigoru, thank you for your encourage boost comment.
Yes, I am aware of like you said I’ll never know without trying. Maybe I should only think it as a hobby for a while, just as a thing I would like to enjoy and the rest will come.
My insecurities actually coming from my experience, I don’t have a UK degree. My degree coming from non- EU country, I have an impressive (not a school wise it is kinda no name) CV on my field experience wise, I couldn’t get a job here and I know that from insider-whistle blower it is about having a British degree or London experience or since I am a woman I need to be toy of the collectors.
I did not care I actually fed up with my field, it is looking like art but is related to just Money and personal pleasures. If this happens again in this sector I don’t think I could survive.

But you know what I will try and learn. I have a great work ethic, loyalty and natural problem-solving skills. On the other hand, I don’t have the ego to afraid to ask help and never-ending energy, I never miss a deadline. I don’t have experience in programming but I have 10 years work exp.

Sorry for the monologue but it helped me to clear my head, appreciate it.

IT industry is very different to normal businesses. People will care about your ability and results. I am confident that your insecurity is unwarranted, since this industry is very different compared to traditional ones, people who do technology think differently and it shows in way they run companies.

Idea to learn in as a hobby first is great one, and I think this is how you should start. Recklessly abandoning previous life before you are confident in new one is unwise.

Finally, even if UK companies will fail you (which I doubt to be honest), you will have whole world open to you anyway, specially if you have UK passport.

As for CS degree - this will happen at non entry positions, people will look on your CS education. But thing is, in this field you can learn CS outside of university, and if you can prove you knowledge of CS, potential employers not gonna care about degree as much.

Also about this:

You need to understand that recruiters are just filters, and most of them are actually unqualified in field they are hiring for. If you have issues with going trough that filter for some reason, it is easily solvable by reaching people who work in company directly. It sounds something like “how would I do that”, but it is actually easier then it sounds, you just need to send one mail to right person, and most of people in IT companies will have contact information available publicly.

I am actually around your age and transitioning to this industry myself as well. But unlike you I have no degree at all, even in unrelated field.

Ultimately in this field what makes you successful is your ability to own it - your confidence in yourself and ability to take responsibility for failures. If you failed to get hired, it is because you failed to present yourself properly or was not qualified enough. If you can switch to mentality like that, you will be able to work in this field (assuming you can educate yourself properly of course).


Thank you for taking your time and replying again, I definitely understand better.
I have started freebootcamp’s lessons yesterday and I am planning to continue and give it a shot. If it continues to give the same hype to me I can even invest some money to learn other languages or a boot camp.

Thnak you again,

Hello ezgileks! The fact that you have a great work ethic, loyalty, natural problem-solving skills, not have the ego or to afraid to ask help, never-ending energy, and you never miss a deadline out weights the fact that you are a woman and that you do not have a UK degree so in my opinion you should be fine. In my experience most job sectors are like that they sees your resume maybe talks to you but never calls back. I think even the best of us have experienced it. So you need to keep applying. Start grinding. For now you should focus on improving yourself as a developer and do what it takes to stand out from other developers. If the employers knows that value they will get by hiring you they will not really consider your gender or degree. So it is up to you to keep improving your skill and the ability to demonstrate (Which i believe you can) and then you will rock this industry :).

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Hello, ezgileks!

I think you may get slightly better responses if you try to look for remote jobs only. (I have no facts to back this up, just a gut feeling)
Otherwise, you should focus on building a particular skill set and build a compelling portfolio that showcases your skills, will, and determination.
You may need to learn some additional stuff, like testing, a sound understanding of algorithms (Big O Notation) etc. These are not required for a junior developer, but if you know these things, it will help you stand out from other junior devs and will demonstrate your willingness. Your gender will not matter at that point.

One more thing I would strongly suggest is that you should apply to, it specifically welcomes the group of people who are underrepresented in tech. Their applications are open at the moment.

Some of the medium articles related to outreachy for encouragement:

There’s always hope. Wish you luck on your journey!


Thank you for your response, Charles !
Yes, I will.

Hi Husseyexplores,

These are great resources and thank you for the tip about remote jobs! Which is completely fine for me.
Math and Scinece was my major on highschool and i like math. So, i will check the side skills relating with math. is looking like a marvelous site. I appreciate it!

Also if there is any other woman who struggles like me and afraid I also get in touch with Developher [https:/ they are great and replied my mail in 1 day, I got an appointment for my questions already.


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