Self-made clicker game. Please give feedback

I made a clicker game out of jquery and the help of @RandellDawson for the Coins Per Second function. Enjoy and Give feedback.


man it’s addicting :slight_smile:
reminds me that cookie clicker epidemic 4 years ago :smiley:

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that is a fun one, visually sectioning off the boosts for p/s and p/c might be useful for a player

Hi @ConnerOw1115. It is a wonderful game, and as it has already been pointed out it is indeed addictive :slight_smile:
There are only 2 things I would like to suggest:

  1. It’s not very responsive. For mobiles, it could be better to put the “power up” section as an horizontal sliding navbar either at the top or at the bottom. And maybe to divide it in 2 categories: coin p/click and coin p/second.
  2. Some initial power ups provide more benefit per coin compared to the more expensive ones. E.g. a small plot of land adds +1 to the coins p/second at the cost of 500 coins, while the next item, a digger, it adds +2 coins p/second at the cost of 1500 coins (so 750 per coin added, which makes it more less beneficial than the plot of land). The player can spam clicking the lower tier power ups to get more benefits. A way you could use to limit this is to set a maximum number of upgrades you can buy for a specific type, thus forcing the player to go on with more advanced content :slight_smile:

using it on the phone (iOS/Safari Mobile Browser), once I reached 9 coins per click from the metal detector it started being incredibly slow… or just not working, I am not sure. Now and then a click works and I get the 9 coins

All the other comments said this was addicting so I gave it a try. The other commenters seemed to “get” the game. Perhaps you could call me less intuitive, but I don’t get the point of the game. How does it work - what am I trying to achieve? I just keep clicking and clicking for what? How does the left area relate to the clicking? Sometimes I click on something there and nothing happens, sometimes it alerts “not enough money!” Perhaps a description of the game and what the goal is would help someone like me.

well… I thought I’d test it out and now I need a new mouse after it caught fire from clicking so much. Fortunately, even though I’ve amassed 200,000+ coins I’m unable to buy +100 p/click for $150,000.00

Ironically this has saved all my back up mouse from also catching fire from playing this game. Yes, it’s very addicting once you get it, though I agree with previous posts that more instructions are needed. It took me a full 5 mins to partially understand whats going on.


  1. Very addicting.
  2. Simple interface for desktop users.
  3. Coins per second is a nice feature.
  4. Seems to be well planned.


  1. Some options seem to not work.
  2. Confusing at first.
  3. My mouse is on fire.
  4. Could improve on UI/UX for both desktop and mobile.

Overall if there was a prize I could win for amassing an obscene amount of coins it’d be something I’d reluctantly play when I should be working. As for the javascript, I would recommend looking into making accurate timers or using something other than set interval to control the timing. setTimeout and setInterval are notoriously inaccurate for timing though setTimeout seems to be less error prone than setInterval. Also I wouldn’t do an alert to tell the user they don’t have enough money as this pauses the timer events and…I wanna make coins.

This is an awesome project with a great idea! I really liked it.


The point of these games is just to get coins. The object is to see who can get the most.

Thanks for the nice feedback. How about some achievements for the more you get?

Responsivity… I tried, but It really didn’t work out.

Oh. Forgot to add the 150,000 dollar one to the game.

I changed the pricing to make each one (almost) worth it.

it would be nice to have a list of things you bought…


Okay, everyone. I finished adding the rest of the stuff to buy.
The goal of the game is to compete with each other to get the most coins.
You may comment in codepen the number you get, or you can tell me here.
I thank you all for the feedback you gave me.

I finished the game, but I didn’t add everything you all requested.

Playing it right now. I can never buy the “ore refinery” even when I have enough money. Says I don’t have enough money.

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Huh? I’ll check it out.

Fixed it. It should work now because in the code, it cost $2500 and it displayed $1000

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Maybe set the gambler to win more at the beggining and slow it down when they user reaches high