Self-Parking Car Evolution Simulator

I’ve made a :taxi: Self-Parking Car Evolution Simulator to train the cars to do self-parking using a Genetic Algorithm.

The 1st generation of cars have random genomes and behave also randomly.
On the ≈40th generation the cars start learning what the self-parking is and start getting closer to the parking spot:

The 40th generation start learning how to park

The cars are hitting some other cars along the way, and also are not perfectly fitting the parking spot, but this is only the 40th generation since the creation of the world for them, so be merciful and give the cars some space to grow

You may launch the simulator to see the evolution process directly in your browser. The simulator gives you the following opportunities:

  • You may train the cars from scratch and adjust genetic parameters by yourself
  • You may see the trained self-parking cars in action
  • You may also try to park the car manually

This is not a production-ready self-parking Tesla of course. But I hope you’ll have some fun, trying to make those toy cars “think” and “learn” how to park. :slight_smile:

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It is very good, I would very much like to do projects like this later. The first generation parks them better than me manually

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