Self taught programmer?

What does actually self taught programmer mean ?Do it mean some one is having amazing skill set but does not have any degree neither in CS or any other field ?Please clarify .Do it is possible to get developer job with skill set and no degree at all ?

This is a damn good and deeply philosophical question. When we say “self-taught”, we usually think of a person who learned from books and other resources rather than a formal classroom setting. I wonder, though, what is the opposite of self-taught? Is it self-learned, as though you just passively ingested information rather than go through some sort of teaching process? Maybe classroom teachers have some special ability to beam information into the minds of students so there’s no effort required on their part? Is there any way I can learn without somehow teaching myself?

In the days before the internet, autodidacticism was quite an accomplishment as the only resources readily available were the books in your library. Nowadays, we have apps and YouTube and paid services and forums. Everyone has access to video lectures from top professors in their field. I think the line between self-taught and formal education is much blurrier than it ever has been. When we say someone is self-taught, we’re really saying that the person is enthusiastic enough about learning to take on a subject without guidance from some licensed authority. A lack of qualifying degree may be an issue for some employers, but it doesn’t mean much in terms of programming skills.

This question has been answered ad nauseam already. Yes. It’s entirely possible.

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