Self teach or Computer Science degree?

Hello everyone! I am Keanu and yes I was named after Keanu Reeves (bill and ted specifically). So I just got accepted into Oregon State Universities Computer Science Bachelor’s degree program. I am debating if I should just self teach and learn with freeCodeCamp and supplement with Udemy and theodinproject. Is it really necessary to get a CS degree to become a software developer. I already have an associate’s degree. I am just trying to see others viewpoints if the self teaching way is viable and if I should continue to pursue a CS degree.


If a BS degree is a reasonable option for you, you should do it. A BS gives you the best chances in the job market.


If you can afford to, get the four year degree. It will give you much more flexibility and a broader knowledge base.

By the way, I got my CS degree from the University of Oregon. So we will now be mortal enemies, at least during Civil War, which I guess we aren’t calling it that any more. Platypus bowl?

Go Ducks

I was almost going to be a duck but decided to go for OSU only because I get reduced tuition from my employer :sweat_smile:

I get tuition reimbursement from my employer so I think it would be a good option to go the CS route.

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If you can afford college, I’d always go with that route. It is something that automatically makes you more hire-able now and forever. Furthermore you can leverage college as an external resource for other job related things that can also help you learn and grow. Things such as career fairs, access to faculty, student clubs, networking with your peers, access job related resources (job centers), and access to possibly contributing to research are all things accessible from within higher education.

You could also self-learn what you want on the side as well as use college. This way you can have some flexibility with what you learn, while still working on “core subjects” assigned from school.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:


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