Self teaching with more difficult topics?

I’ve had great success teaching myself web development over the last 6 months but I’m curious if I will hit a wall that I can’t overcome without a formal education? I think uni is slow and inefficient but at least it gives a structure for complex issues. Do any of you have experience with that? (I’m mainly talking about toppics like encryption, Machine learning or blockchain where I don’t have to learn a language but complex concepts.)

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There are many resources to learn stuff like that. I would recommend checking out some of the highly rated Udemy courses in those subjects.

There are specialized course on Edx, Udemy, Coursera, as well as platform specific trainings provided by google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM…Etc. They are not all free, mind you, but they do exist for you to find.

Beyond online courses and training, there are often books published on certain subjects you wish to learn. They aren’t always up to the latest and the greatest but they do provide you with fundamental knowledge and some practical application.

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