Self thought internship in NY or NJ Paid or Unpaid

I noticed students who join freecodecamp got jobs or internships and most of all it’s a FREE Platform or Bootcamp. Unfortunately, I flunk Flatiron Bootcamp school because of my work schedule that difficult to manage and TA’s I can’t reach for JavaScript but at the same time, I was suspicious about Ruby on Rails because no company or organization widely hire with such skill unless they have a Javascript background. So, do you guys know of an online internship program for self-thought software engineers? If so, what are the requirements? Thanks in advance!

It’s not about being self-taught. It’s about making high quality projects and portfolio to demonstrate that they need someone with your abilities.

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Thanks for the reply, I am actually asking for an internship not having a full-time job. I know that portfolio is a big help but they always ask for an experience that is hard to earn because no one is hiring if the candidate already finished his or her college degree.

I encourage you to continue looking for internships, but remain open to alternatives if you’re unable to find an internship that fits your schedule and needs.

If the goal is to learn something new and have something to show propsoective employers, I suggest a finding a problem or project that seems interesting to you and learn by doing. Intern or not, having a portfolio is evidence that you’ve put in time and effort to learn something new and apply the knowledge in a practical way.

Many professional software engineers out there are self-taught, and no individual can possibly know everything about software engineering. Internships in NY/NJ will get a lot of applications. Try to stand out, differentiate yourself and think of it from a hiring manager’s perspective - what do they want in an intern?

Thanks for replying, I already finished my 4 year degree and currently working at NYC as desktop support contractor. What I am worry about is most companies or business organization even the state/city offices look to individuals who are currently attending to college (undergrad or masters). Do you think there are other organizations accept internship that rely on portfolio and interview assessment alone? Thanks again!

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