Semantic elements

I have multiple sections on my landing page, and one of them is a section with cards of profiles. I am wondering if I have implemented a good structure using semantic elements and followed the BEM methodology,

these are generic class section-heading-wrapper , section-heading-icon, section-heading-title ,I use the same font style for each header section, which is why I’ve applied it to all of them.

Note : I’m only using CSS

<section class="cards-profile">
  <header class="section-heading-wrapper">
    <svg class="section-heading-icon" </svg>
      <h2 class="section-heading-title"></h2>
  <article class="cards-profile__card">
      <img class="cards-profile__card-image" alt="">
    <section class="cards-profile__card-content">
      <h2 class="card-profiles__card-title"></h2>
      <p class="card-profiles__card-info"></p>

Thanks in advance

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