Send command in one channel, reply in another

I’ve made the Discord bot, it’s sitting in a server, it does what I want but I don’t know how to make it ping users. I’m using Python language in Replit.

Essentially what I want is a bot to take place an the announcer on an announcement channel, I’d like to ping a user or channel but I have no idea what I must write in the code to get it to ping instead of putting a @ or # before the user or channel name.

If possible I would like to bot to read text out of a hidden channel and post it in the announcement channel, it would be nice if this could be made a possibility.

Also note that I am an amateur when it comes to code and only just watched a few YouTube clips and read a couple of articles.

I also have no clue which sub forum this request should be posted to which is why I’m placing it here.

the best place to look into would be the API documentation

I suppose you are using

you can find its documentation here:

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Ok I’ve figured out how to ping users and channels


Now I have an issue where I can’t do
this, move to the next line.
I was going to say line break but It’s not really that.

What do I write in the code to make the text go to the next line without having to send a new message.
At the moment all I can do to make it appear so is to have the bot send a new message, I want it to go to the next line in the message instead. I’ve tried /n but all it does it write it down in text instead of following it like a command

I’ve worked out how to skip to the next line

Line 1 \nLine 2

Turns out it was a google search away with the right words

Now I’d like to say a command in one channel and have the bot reply in another, probably another google search which I’ll do in the mean time but I doubt it’ll be an easy answer to find.

Just found out I can’t ping roles, only users and channels. I’ve tried <@role id> but it just comes up as
I’ll see if I can find anything to change this in the mean time but the above questions reply still stands to be answered as well.