Send mail. I need an alternative to mailgun. HELP

I need a service that sends mail, like mailgun, I saw this video [] and I thought it was great but mailgun requires a credit card and after 3 months it starts charging… I don’t have a credit card.

I need something similar because in the contact page of my project there is a form, after filling the data of the form those data should be sent to my mail (my project is a portfolio). Then I need an alternative to mailgun, that allows me to achieve the same thing that is achieved in the video.

If you know one, I would appreciate it very much.

Try Mailchimp maybe?

You don’t need mailgun or mailchimp just for a site to send send contact emails to yourself. Just configure your app to use your hosting provider’s outbound SMTP server (ask their support if you can’t find it) and mail will just work.

Your project does need a backend to send the mail though. You can send from the browser if you use an API token and something like Amazon SES, but you need to generate one-time tokens for that (do NOT hand over your account’s API tokens!), and you really don’t want to go through that hassle. Just use a backend and regular old SMTP to your hosts’s mail server.

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Oh, and the simpler thing you can do is have your form’s action attribute be a mailto: url. Most browsers will pop up a warning about sending to a mailto url though, and even after that it’s terrible UX both for the sender and receiver.

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Hey, I managed to solve my problem. I used node and express along with the nodemailer module, it worked perfectly. I used the gmail SMPT. Thank you for your response.