Sending Visual studio file to friends and family?


So if I am working on a file in Visual studio code, how can I send that as a kind of maneuverable file to friends and family before it is a finished project ready to be a website?

So I can get feedback and stuff. But still let normal folks like that open the file and check it out without having to install Visual studio? Is there a way to export a visual studio file into a kind of maneuvarable PDF or something?

I’m not sure if I understand your question right. Is it a full-stack website or just the fronted? You could just upload it on or and send them the link. This way they can see everything.

Yeah, a web site is not a file. It is a file or files that are read and presented by a browser.

But they are just files. I’m not sure what you mean by “maneuverable” - I’m guessing that you mean “live”, that they can interact with it. Those files that you are using in VS Code are the files. You can wrap them in a zip file (or send them one by one) and if the recipient opens them, puts them in a folder somewhere, opens their file explorer and clicks on the html file, they can open the site. All this assumes that your aren’t developing a server - I’m assuming that isn’t the case or you probably would already know the answer. And this assumes that you aren’t using a build environment like web pack - then you would have to build the files and send those.

As flaxi mentioned, you could host the files somewhere to they can see the site, in a more natural way. He mentioned some online IDEs. Those could work. You could also host static sites on places like git pages or in an AWS S3 bucket for a more “natural” experience for them.

It is only Frontend and it is not finished. Yeah but maybe without going online? Perhaps I could send them some sort of folder?

Or perhaps replit is the best alternative? Is that kind of like codepen?

That would be less work for you, but more work and confusion for them, especially if they are not tech savy.

Or perhaps replit is the best alternative? Is that kind of like codepen?

It is more advanced than CP, in that it allows you to have a more file based structure.


I find to be perfect for that. Ok, you host it online, unlike you wish, but after all, everyone has online connection, shouldnt be problem for them to access the page and browse and its as simple as writing the address. On your end, its quite simple, you just have to upload your project folder and it should be up and running in not time, at least thats how it was for me. Ofc, like anything new, it might take a moment to create account and navigate to the proper menus, but it isnt confusing, nore it takes many clicks to reach your goal.

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