Seniors checkout my code and give reviews

function sumAll(arr) {


        return x-y;


    let x = arr[0];  // 1

    let y = arr[1]; //4


    for(let i = x+1 ; i < y ; i++){



    let answer = arr.reduce((acc,x)=>{

      return acc + x;


   return answer;


sumAll([10, 5]);

Review it for what? What are you trying to do? Is it working? Is there some part you think can be improved? Is there some part you are confused about?

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I would at least use better variable names than x and y.

This function appears to be summing all of the integers between two numbers (including the two numbers passed in). It seems like you are going to a lot of extra work just to add consecutive integers (creating a new array and then sorting it and reducing it). Seems to me that you should be able to do all of this with just a simple for loop.

Also, I think there is a simple mathematical formula you can use that wouldn’t even require a for loop. I’m no math genius so I can’t tell you what it is off the top of my head but I’m pretty sure I remember reading about it.

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I found the challenge link so now people will have some context.

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