SEO and the use of the attribute alt="" in images

When i’m using the alt attribute what I should write on it? Should I describe the picture ? or just say what it is like ?

Does the usage of alt attribute have some kind of contribution to SEO?
Furthermore I would like to know if here in FCC I could learn SEO and if I need to know basic things about it(SEO) to work as a junior dev

the alt attribute is used whenever the image is not loaded or by assistive technologies

if it is a decorative image, let it empty (alt=""), otherwise describe it in a way that the message given by the image is received anyway - it is a stock image with a generic scene? describe it. Does it have a written message? Transribe it.

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what is said above is correct,

answering your second question, search engine optimization is more geared towards a front web developer, it’s not required for you to know SEO to be a front web developer,

What is more important is the coding interview and the projects that you’ve accomplished

SEO is an aside that helps, just like FFC, it helps on a resume to get looked at first, but won’t land you a guaranteed job.

If your able to code a few good websites that look great, that will help in landing a job, I suggest doing work pro bono, and if those websites are live that’s a bonus.

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Thanks for your answer!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
Your answer was awesome and very clearifying


But I didn’t know the meaning of “pro bono” , so I did a lil’ research after reading your answer and I get the idea of pro bono projects
But could you talk me more about the “pro bono” projects in web development?

  1. Like it’s a good optipon to start with it for new web developers?

  2. It’s easy to find a pro bono project where I can colaborate if I had the basic requirements need it ? (HTML,CSS, JS)

  • Also what are you thoughts on working as an intern or doing internship without payment? (Would apply the same questions that I did for pro bono projects)

I’m new using this forum I started 2 days ago so sorry for any mistakes that did, I’llpay attention to any recommendation in the use of this forum.
(Also i’m a native spanish speaker so sorry for my english too, I can read things , write things and speak but I make mistakes from time to time)

Anyway this looks like a good question for creating a new topic , so I’ll do it too

Thanks !!!
You explained very well the answer for the 1st question

From most important to least important in terms of landing employment (front end)

  1. Interview, Coding (html, css, javascript), Communication, Code Clarity (using industry standards so the code is readable) Problem Solving/Character(how you ask questions, problem solving, how you react under pressure)

2a) Employment in the industry, this one is hard, but you could work for a non profit and get a recommendation letter

2b) Employment in the industry, you could do a free internship

  1. Projects, live projects are best, so if you are able to design a website for a business and it’s running, that shows that the business is happy with your work and they are getting benefit from it.

  2. Projects, Visual projects are great, if it looks aesthetically pleasing, and is easy to understand and interact with it, that will catch the eye of a recruiter.

5)Projects, in code pen, following the same approach as the previous example, making sure it’s simple, iligant, and easy to use.

  1. Pure code, lets say you use java script to collect user data in a unique way and you want to show case that, this is also good, but not as important, because there is a barrier for recruiters to see what’s going on, they have to read the code, understand the code, know of other ways to solve the solution, and understand that your solution was the best one. this is the hardest way to show off your knowledge.

  2. Networking, spending time networking when the skill gap is big, is bad, because people that are more advanced, would feel like their time is being wasted explaining to you how to do something. This becomes very important when you get your skills, this becomes number 1 when you already have knowledge. Start networking with peers, (like you are currently doing) work on projects together and you will be set.

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Thanks for taking the time for writing it !!! :heart: :pray:

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As far as I know, using alt does not make any contribution to SEO. In case you didn’t know, search engine optimization is the process of improving a site so that it occupies a place in search engines whenever web users search for certain phrases or words. You don’t necessarily need to know the basics of seo to work as a developer, but this knowledge will help you in the interview. I agree with the comment that it is not a fact that you will get a job in FFC, but you should try. Tell me if you can’t find a good SEO

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