Separate CSS sheet

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Is it possible to separate MEDIA QUERIES CSS from the main style.css? it will work…?

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Sure, it will work. We keep different kind of css in different files and include them in head tags in proper order.

thanks IAmRC1

take a look at the exmaple below:

style.css (the below code is in style.css)
width: 1200px;

media.css (the below code is in media.css)

@media screen (max-width: 768px){
#container {
width: 100%;

is the the above arrangement will work? does the media queries can read #container even it is in the other sheets??

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Sure it’ll work fine, it’ll just be difficult to manage, it’s generally easier if you put queries next to the code they affect.

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Agree, but in my own point of view it is smooth and clean way, as long you know how to manage and handle it without being confuse.


Agreed with Dan but as a starter, you can keep them separate.

DanCouper is my syntax is exactly correct?