Separate registeration for curriculum and form

Ummm… its not any urgent or important issue, but, I think its a little bothersome to signup separately for forum , curriculum…etc. I have been on fcc since feb , at that time I signed up for the curriculum and that’s where I spent almost all my time of fcc. Many times I looked on on many articles/posts as well, but I never saw that in order to participate in commenting or stuff, you need another account as I never did it. So, now I was trying here to login but showed that my gmail id isn’t registered on fcc ,I thought I lost all my progress on the curriculum. somehow after some struggle I figuered it out, you need to register separately on form and curriculum. And it can happen with others as well. r may be it can be a reason that many people are not able to participate in the form So, its my humble request if you can just make it to register only once for form as well as curriculum.
and sorry if its only me with whom this happened.

Hi and welcome to the forum! You can use your curriculum account to log into the forum.

Well i wasnt able to do so…thats why i wrote this. I separately registered for forum just now ,before writing this . I have tried this few days before ,and thought that i might have forgotton my password. But the case was as explained above.

Or may be it was some technical issue.

have you used this button?

I directly filled my user name and passoword in the below input option.

They are separate systems with completely separate databases and hosted by completely separate entities, which requires users separately loging in, but you can log into the forum with your curriculum account. You just have to use the button shown above in the screenshot.

Okay, Thanks. It seems it just happened that way with me.