Separating "Getting a Dev Job" section by Country

I love reading stories of people getting dev jobs through FCC, but then I get to the section about salary and I realise that the post/process/salary isn’t directly applicable to my country (England).

If only there were 100k junior dev jobs in the UK :frowning:

So basically it would be nice to filter these posts by country so I can see the process people within my own region and have realistic expectations of the process and outcomes.

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Given that I’m in the US and the US is pretty friggin big, a filter for subregions of larger countries might be good too. Maybe have a required field for country/region when creating a thread in that subforum.

Instead of creating more forum subcategories, maybe we should ask users to preface their subject post with their city, country. That would give context to the post too. (esp. if salary ranges are mentioned)

Chicago, USA: I got a job!
Mumbai, India: Got a dev job!
Quebec, Canada: Need help finding an entry level position.

Maybe have a forum rule/suggestion for this? A sticky perhaps?

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Agreed. In the past, we’ve tried to geographically separate out regions on both the forum and chatrooms. It has only resulted in “ghost towns”.

It’s simpler for everyone to just go to the same Getting a Dev Job section and browse the subject lines. Most of the advice will be relevant regardless of which country you’re in, though there will also be a lot of location-specific stories and advice.


Isnt it possible to add a tag system where you can add a country tag to the topic?

It appears discourse has this functionality:

@QuincyLarson will have to look at it though and decide if he wants to enable tags or not.

Several issues I have with using tags are:

  1. Do we really want tags enabled for every category?
  2. Is it possible to only enable tags in the job category
  3. Do we have to specify each tag to be allowed? This would be a pain with all the regions.

I think just adding the region in the title is an easy enough fix. Anyone with regular status can edit a title, so it shouldn’t be to big of a problem making sure it’s enforced. I’ll go through a couple threads now and update them.

Recently I did a sample page that summaries information about dev job positions in Poland (not all of them, however it still could be useful to some extent). If you’re just curious how much can you earn just check it(I’m aware how bad UI is…)

whenever company provided info about per hour salary it was recalculated to expected month income (20 days * 8 hours)

We enabled tags in the past and very few people used them. They added complexity and confusion, so we turned them off.

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