September/October cohort advise

I got accepted in Sept/Oct cohort which will going to start on sept 21st. Any one here have been in one of the chingu cohort? Can you please tell me what to expect and what do I need to do to prepare ? I’m excited and nervous at the same time, I have no experience in terms of contributing to an open source project so I dont know if theres really something I can contribute for the upcoming cohort and my coding skills is not even below average.

Hey @boydjenkins18,

You’ll be receiving a prep-packet in a few days that’ll tell you exactly what to prepare, and the entire project process will be broken down into milestones this session so that should make it easier as well. That being said, prepare to be challenged and be open to learn and adapt is probably the best advice I can think of.

If you are okay with the above and are 100% committed, you’ll be fine.

P.s. you’ve finished several front-end projects, 2 backend projects, a few outside projects and seem passionate about coding…you definitely can contribute.

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