Server Config Issues

Hi Fellow Campers!,

I am having a server issue. Does anybody here deals with server configuration and such stuff. I can really use some help.
Facing below problems:

  1. My Ip is not redirecting to my domain and the support of the company is not very good.


Your IP will never redirect to your domain. Your domain will redirect to your IP, and this is not configured at the server. You need to create a CNAME entry with a DNS registrar. What have you tried so far?

Thanks for your response.

Didn’t think about this, are you sure?: Your IP will never redirect to your domain. Your domain will redirect to your IP

I have tried creating redirect in the htacess file but it didn’t work from this:

Yes, but I’ll have to be more specific. The SO link talks about the Apache rewrite module, which would require you to connect to the server in order to work. It’s only a redirect from your own server, but it’s not the way to associate a domain name with a server, which is what I was assuming your goal was. Let’s take a step back.

What is the problem you’re having?

Ok, I am trying to have this: Whenever someone accesses the website via its ip, it should automatically redirect to the domain.

The ip is:
The domain is:

Ok, then I was mistaken. What server software are you using?

I am using a dedicated server. Any specific details you want to know?

Yes, I need to know whether you’re using Apache, NginX, or something else.

I am using Apache server.

What happened when you added the rewrite in your .htaccess file? Did you make sure to enable mod_rewrite?

nothing happened. How do i enable that ?

I have no idea which operating system you’re using, but the link I gave above is for Ubuntu 14.04. Should be the same for most flavors of Linux.

Ok. Thanks for your help.