Server side technologies

What are the server-side technologies do FCC teach at the moment?

JS (Node, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose).

is this the section you’re talking about Dan? or are they discussed somewhere else?

and do you have any idea why python wasn’t chosen? or how they came up with the decision?

Yes, and there’s stuff in the Security and Testing section as well.

Re why not Python: There has been a Python data science curriculum mooted for years and years, but it’s never really come to anything. I guess, amongst a host of other considerations (all apply if you ask why not PHP? Or why not Java? Or why not {insert other language}):

— the course teaches web platform technologies, so it makes sense to use the one of those techs that works back-end for the back-end section…
— …otherwise there would need to be another section to teach Python itself. And that would need to be written, maintained etc.
— JS works in browsers, so it’s trivial to test functions in-browser.
— Tools like Glitch allow Node apps to be built in-browser, so they can also be tested easily.
— there are a vast number of similar considerations to above. FCC works in-browser and is built and run by volunteers: the complexity overhead of supporting another language (that doesn’t work in browsers and has nothing like Glitch to allow backend apps to be built in browser) is vast

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