Set id element form ""

I am stuck on this freecodecamp lesson; "Set the Id of an Element"
My understanding is that we are setting an Id for the project. But the information given to use doesn’t make sense and I believe I am reading the question wrong. Previously I have written id’s that look more like:

favorite -idea {
background: pink;

But searching for any insight only leads me to believe they are looking more for:

h2 id=“cat-photo-app”>

Which doesn’t make any sense to me and doesn’t solve the problem. I am lost on what the question is really is asking? Any insight would be appreshated greatly.

S. Gray

so what did you write as answer to this question?

btw. these short and simple stuff you can get answer to in help chatroom
if you click on help in task. no need to ask here.

h2 class= “cat-photo-app” id= “cat-photo-form”> cat photo form
also tried it without the class but it’s and all sorts of other assortment of ordering.

but it’s still coming up as wrong

Last line of the challenge is your real task.

Example with h2 is not supposed to be in your code.

Hey @s.gray you need to add the id to the form element. It is somewhere at the bottom of the code. You should write <form id="cat-photo-form>
Hope this helps.

why do u provide code answers >.<