Set the Child's Prototype to an Instance of the Parent - Is this a suitable way to add own properties?

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I was on brain overload with trying to work out how to add own properties and use inheritance at the same time. I’ve managed to populate a HTML element with a string and properties. I am trying to learn more by creating alternative scenarios but using the same challenge concepts.

The code does print “Number 22 is in a fantastic location, and this wonderful house has 88 windows.” on the screen.

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 let supertype = document.getElementById("super"); // HTML element to receive values.

    function House() { }

    House.prototype = {
      constructor: House,
      windows: 88,
      comments: function () {
        return `this wonderful house has ${} windows.`;

    function Bungalow(number) { // Receives an argument (house number)
      this.number = number, = function () {
        return `Number ${this.number} is in a fantastic location, and `;

    Bungalow.prototype = Object.create(House.prototype);

    let myHouse = new Bungalow(22);

    supertype.textContent = + myHouse.comments();

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