Set up the Environment

TypeError: io is not a function

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Challenge: Set up the Environment

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I saw you added this code snippet to your server.js, but it actually needs to go in your client.js :slight_smile:

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I added it but still error

You do not need to create a new client.js file - there is one for you in the public folder. :slight_smile:

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like this ?

$( document ).ready(function() {
  let socket = io();
  // Form submittion with new message in field with id 'm'
    var messageToSend = $('#m').val();
    //send message to server here?
    return false; // prevent form submit from refreshing page

Yes but you are missing that comment that the instructions say you need. :slight_smile:

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added it but still :pleading_face:

Can you share the error you are getting? Have you tried submitting the project to the challenge page?

digged into the old fcc forum posts found adding

const cors = require('cors');

is the solution