setState in a function in component

I’ve done the binding in constructor, and the console.log’s post ok. But error = cannot read properties of undefined in the setState expression.
I’m getting same issue a lot trying variations and been struggling a bit.

link to full code (but was hoping someone knows issue without looking too deep):
(will try not to edit for a while and have a break)

  timerCount() {

    const id = setInterval(countDown(this.state.secCount), 1000);
    function countDown(secs) {
      if (secs <= 0) { return( clearInterval(id) ) }
      else {
            secCount: secs-1,
  render() {


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plus: I’ve had a few infinite loops as a result of state not passing in properly (or whatever it is). Isn’t there some emergency ‘break’ button for stopping this? Or is it just too nooby to bother?

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