Setting up a subdomain with Webmin

Setting up a subdomain with Webmin…

hello dear experts. I am pretty new to the world of Webmin and I am new that stuff. So apologies ahead of time if noobishness.

Anyways my question is how would one setup a subdomain and then make it an accessible. I am running Webmin on a debian-Server and have already accomplished being able to have point to a test.php page and have created a ftp account but I need help dialing in being able to go to and being able to see an index of the files / make them a little more accessible. Any good tutorials or videos out there? So far I have found some but still not accomplished my goal yet. My appreciation in advance for all those who read this and major appreciation for all who offer assistance!

Webmin => Un-used Modules => 
well afterwards i need to click on the button that says “Click Here”, 
which is followed by “to have it downloaded and installed using APT.”
Now we’ll want to go to:

Webmin => System => Users and Groups
Click on “Create New User.”
Username        =>  Any username of your choice.
Home Directory  =>  Any path (i.e. /home/ouruser)
Shell           =>  /bin/false
Password        =>  Normal Password (any secure password of your choosing)
Primary Group   =>  New group with same name as user
The click on “Create.”

well here at this point we should then be able to login to FTP using the username afterwards we just need to create and the password we set for that user. so far so good but note: i do not have access on the server with terminal - i only can use webmin

the folks over there recommend the following way and steps:

Unlike cPanel, in Virtualmin/Webmin, there is no direct option for creating subdomains. In addition, subdomain has its document root inside the parent’s domain document root, as in cPanel. So it’s tricky to create subdomains in Webmin. For example, the document root of subdomain is “/home”.

Let’s see how our Support Engineers set up a subdomain in Webmin. Steps To Create Sub Domain in Webmin

Firstly, we log into Webmin control panel.

Then go to Servers > Apache Webserver.

From that page, we select “create new virtual host”.

Also, we fill the following field too.

Handle connections to address: We select the specific address and IP address of the subdomain in the text field.
Document Root: We enter the path of sub-domain, 4. At last, we click on the “Create Now” button.

Now, the subdomain successfully created in Webmin.

Note: once we have created the Webmin subdomain, a proper DNS record must be added to the corresponding subdomain. Otherwise, errors will appear on the website. However, you may get errors like “Unable to determine IP address from host name xxxx.domain” after creating subdomain due to improper settings in the configuration file. [/quote]

well at the moment i am a bit confused which way to follow.

can you help me

look forward to hear from you