Setting up a web development environment on Ubuntu

Hi Everyone I joined freecode camp in July and I am currently on the Front End dev certificate course. I applied for an Internship with this company, I was shortlisted and given a task to use their api to create anything useful. I am thinking of creating a simple one page site for a bootcamp asking users to pay for it.

My major problem is how to start, I run on ubuntu and I have these questions:

  1. How do I set up my environment, what tools do I need ?

  2. How basic can this be do I need to use a backend language like node js to accomplish this task ?

  3. How do I structure the files of the project does that come intuitively or there is a standard way to do it ?

I really need your help guys, I am working hard to grow as a developer and this is a great company with a talented team.

This would mostly depend on what you’re planning to make, and from your post it seems that you haven’t sussed that out yet. You may not need anything but a text editor, or you could need a whole build system.

I think this could be accomplished with the bare minimum development environment. You are using a predefined API, after all.

You could do this with one HTML, one CSS, and one JavaScript file. The exact organizational strategies you use depends on the technology you choose.

Thank you, I am going to build a one page site for people to pay to attend a pitch bootcamp, something simple. so basically you are saying I just need my Index.html css file and the Javascript for the payments api ?