Setting up my own domain - newbie questions

Hello campers,

I am going to buy a domain and set up a personal website. But I have some newbie questions before doing so.

What I planned to do:

What I want to achieve:

  1. Personal blog to document my learning, for which I plan to use Wordpress, which can be installed via cpanel on namecheap hosting.
  2. To use as a personal portfolio, which shows the projects I built, which will include:
    a. Webpages build with HTML/ CSS
    b. Apps build with React

Questions I have in mind:

  1. Can I do the all the above under one domain name, with the folder structure similar to the graph below?
  2. I have the impression that if I want to use Wordpress then I have to use it for the entire domain and all pages instead of only in one part/ on one page? If so that means I can either host my Wordpress blog under this domain or host my projects, is it correct?
  3. As for apps build with React, the only way I know now is drag and drop the finish react project to Netlify, but if I want to have a personalized url for the Netlify apps I have to transfer the domain under them. So what I am thinking now is to link my apps on Netlify instead. Or any other ways that I can keep everything under the same domain?

Other than the above, do you have any suggestion for a newbie that is going to setup his website for the first time? Much appreciate your help :slight_smile:



You can have WordPress as your blogging tool under a sub folder (called blog, for instance) and the rest outside, like this:

- root_folder
-- index.html
-- projects.html
-- public
---- html-css-projects
-- blog
---- wordpress-files

All of that under the same domain. So, you would access your blog through (your WordPress installation), your index.html through, and so on.

That said, you could also use WordPress for everything. I mean, have a static home page with your current index.html, another one called projects with your projects.html and so on.

Or any other ways that I can keep everything under the same domain?

You can host the front end on your hosting. React apps are nothing more than HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so they can be hosted on any hosting. The back end, however, may not be able to be hosted on the same hosting. For instance, WordPress requires a hosting with PHP, hence you won’t be able to host a node app there (though there may be some hostings that provide the option to use different languages).

For simplicity, I would keep them on Netlify and use a sub domain instead. You can read about it here.

Many thanks, the folder structure makes it very clear. Appreciate the link for Netlify :slight_smile:

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