Several tests failing that shouldn't be...I am meeting the critera

Within the Header Element I can see a nav element with corresponding id="nav-bar… done…failed If I delete img then it works. If I move img to below the nav-bar, img fails.
I have three clickable elements for nav. I mean, I clearly have placeholder text for the email and you can type and submit but that is also failing. It even has a validation process.

I don’t even know how to paste code properly xD here’s my codepen:

Piggies About Where to buy

                                                                                                            <div id="About" class="nav-link">
                                         About: <a href=",the%20sides%20of%20their%20heads.">Piggie Information 
Buy them here:

You have a missing closing double quotes at the end of the class value you have written <a class="nav-link while it should be <a class="nav-link"

AAAAAAAAAAAAH. Thank you. That fixed some of the problems I was having. Still no clue why Email isn’t passing tho

Your email input is this :
<input type="email" required placeholder="Type in your E-Mail"></input>
have not given it an id with value "email"
And same goes for the next error of submit button you have not given it an id with value "submit"

oof, I added them:
input type=“email” id=“email” required placeholder=“Type in your E-Mail”>
<input type=“submit” id=“submit” value=“Submit”
still failing

Yes it did made some errors go away but there are a few still here just read the error message its says:
The #email input should have a name attribute

Yup, that did it. I’m stupid. I did do it and didn’t save before running the test, so I assumed that wasn’t it and deleted it again :smiley:

Good Job! Now just few CSS errors which I presume you will fix when you will properly design the page.

Thanks, and yes :slight_smile: Already on em

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