Shameless Self Promotion: Codetuts (my new blog)

I’m here because a couple of days ago I started writing in a Ghost blog I created using DigitalOcean and Ghost with my own domain which is a funny story because, when I purchased it, the price was 1 USD but when I saw the yearly renewal price I almost fell off my chair: 42 USD!

I’ve been dabbling with NginX and Ghost on my DO droplet (the cheapest one) so I can answer some basic questions relating the Ghost blogging CMS and DigitalOcean as a VPS instance. Most of the things I’ve added come from a site called Ghostforbeginners.

The blog I came to introduce is called CodeTuts (.tech) and as you may have guessed, it’s a personal blog in which I’ll talk about coding, dev, technology, The Web, and other things that interest me, there will be tutorials, articles, roundups and more.

For now, I’ve just created two posts and you can follow it via Feedly using the RSS link down below. I also encourage you to read the About section to clarify things in more detail; I do not earn money with this and probably won’t be able to do it this year or the next, once I can all the money would go to paying the VPS and domain, for now I use my own savings and income.


Link to the blog:
Link to the RSS: (use Feedly, works great with RSS)
Articles that you can read now:

  • Choosing the right text editor or IDE to start coding
  • Observe your web design changes in real time with BrowserSync

There’s also a youtube channel in the side menu. Any tutorial or article suggestion I can publish to start getting some attention might be great, only if it’s possible within my knowledge. Thanks :slight_smile:

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