Share your experience with me about coding Bootcamp

So, I applied on Angular Bootcamp, and I passed the logic and js exam so, the next ones are non-technical and technical interviews. I know I can google this question, and I did, but I want to hear from people who had the same experience.

  1. what are the questions they will ask in a non-technical interview?
  2. what are the questions they will ask in a technical interview?

course prerequisites are :

Be comfortable with writing HTML and CSS.

Understand and have experience with basic JavaScript


:heavy_check_mark: Statements, variables, operators, and functions.

:heavy_check_mark: Data types.

:heavy_check_mark: Conditions and loops.

:heavy_check_mark: Basics of events.

:heavy_check_mark: HTML DOM.

also, is there any source where I can practice for a technical interview?

P.s I am using code wars for algorithms for now.

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