Shareable link of a session in an app

Ok, so first of all I seriously don´t know how what I want to do is actually called. So I put that title to try to explain it as better as possible.

I´m basically doing a Todo-list app on Javascript (using Vue.js as a front-end framework), and what I want to do is to be able to once you finish listing the to-do items, to make a button that “saves” that data into a link, and then you can share that link so people when they click it they go to that saved to-do list.

The reason I want to make it like this is to avoid having the user to register/login etc.

This app is not planned for proffesional or production environment, I just want to it to learn and to share with friends, but i would like to have that funcionality, that you can share your “to-do” with your friends.

I have very little knowledge of backend/apis, but I´m not in a hurry, what should I know to approach this problem?

You mentioned that you don’t know much about back-end. What are you planning to use for a back-end?

I haven’t thought the entire solution through and there might be easier ways of handling it but…

Let say you’ve got some list objects that you’re routing to

You could create an attribute on the ToDoList objects to set whether they are public and then not require authorization if they are.

Or if you just wanted to invite certain people, you could create a todolist-shared table where you store the emails of people who have been invited and then require those people to create accounts.

There are probably more sophisticated ways to handle this. There’s proabably even a dozen libraries out there designed to handle this. Anyone else have some ideas?

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