Sharing code with potential employers created using Create-React-App

So I’ve been using the development build. I have finished an app to the point I’d like to show it. I have never converted it to a production build. I read it minifies the code, etc. How do I go about putting this app on github? Shouldn’t I be showing the code as I wrote it in the dev build? The dev build does seem to have way to many files. Of course, I want to keep updating the app as I please after putting it on github too.

You will want a live version of it and a GitHub repo with the code.

I know git. I’ve been tracking the changes with it (only locally though for now). And I’ve read a bunch of tutorials on making a prod build of the app, others about putting it on git pages, etc. I still have some doubts about the set up to keep the prod and dev builds parallel. I’m not sure what my question is either. I’ll just give it a go and see what happens.