Sharing Files with Team?

This one has been driving me crazy, and I’m hoping it solves too problems at the same time. I have been diving deeper into coding and even getting a friend more involved.

What is the common way that a team actively works on the same file? I know it can’t be at the same exact time, but I’m hoping to make a few edits and changes, save it, and have my friend be able to access it.

I’m also asking because I usually bounce around from one computer to another, and I feel like this will solve the problem of always transporting the file - I use Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, or email for that.

Is there a typical way to set this up in the cloud? Is it Google Drive? Dropbox?

Thanks in advance!

Github is the way developers usually lean to for sharing code. Also great way to showcase your code.

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Ahhh that is such a newbie question now that you mention GitHub. It never dawned on me.

Truth is, it’s intimidating to jump in. “Fork,” “Repository”, and these key words are thrown around, but they are lost on me. I spent my free time trying to learn the code, and I’m definitely out-of-touch with the code words. But, that’s my own issue.

Thanks for the help!

Git and GitHub in plain English

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I opened the link to read it later and ended up absolutely hooked on the explanation. That was clutch and, potentially, life-changing. Thanks so much!

Wasn’t there also a FreeCodeCamp challenge or set of tasks that specifically set each person up with GitHub? Or am I confusing that with something else?

Save your Code Revisions Forever with Git

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Ahh I knew I wasn’t crazy, thanks so much!

Yeah, totally agree. I haven’t learned how to use GitHub yet since never had a reason to but definitely a solid skill to have in the developer world.