Sharing my CORS proxy server

After having dealt with frontend ajax for a while and being convinced it’s still a circus, I created my own proxy server for handling API requests originating from the client. Inspired by and FCC’s own API proxies on glitch, I would like to share my version which has a couple nice features on the home page.



  • Change initial API URL to Quotes on Design
  • Add API response area
  • Add play button to make an API request
  • Press Enter from the Try It field to make an API request
  • Press Escape from the Try It field to clear the entry
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CORS Proxies are nice - thanks for sharing another alternative :slight_smile:



With Chrome 60, the audit tab has been refreshed to more easily identify potential problems in a web page. This update implements some of those suggestions.

  • redirect http traffic to https
  • add meta viewport tag
  • change textarea (non-form context) to pre for accessibility reasons
  • add rel="noopener" to anchor tags | more info

A couple other meta tags were added at the suggestion of the following article: Which Meta Tags Should You Be Using in 2017?

  • add meta description tag to assist with search engine results
  • add meta application-name tag to provide a name to the app icon for when users click ‘Add to Home Screen’ on their mobile device
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This seems a bit off-topic from the thread, consider making a thread about this?

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