Sharing my Meteor + React boilerplate for Fullstack/Backend projects!

hi Backend folks, I am near the end of my backend journey and have basically completed all the projects (bit left to do on the Pinterest app)

I wanted to share something i am working on that might help others. Basically, a lot of the backend projects involve setting up twitter authentication with views for unauthenticated users so i have created a boilerplate for that based on Meteor+React here:

it is hosted here

and it is based on meteorchef’s base project:

Why Meteor? there is a medium difficulty learning curve for meteor but it should be easy for anyone comfortable with node+mongo+react. The key benefits are everything works out of the box if you play by their rules. Serverside rendering, security, rate limiting, reactiveness, and ‚Äúprofessional grade‚ÄĚ route->layout->page->container->component structure that is scalable. You can even port your Meteor app to mobile!

you should be able to take this and quickly modify for at least the voting app, and book trading, and pinterest app. Basically anything with user authentication and a database for documents. let me know if any qtns!