Sharing Tribute Page + question

Hi all :slight_smile: I decided to dive back into learning HTML and CSS and just completed my Tribute Page about one of my fav blues musicians! So excited about it.

Would love to hear feedback about it, of course, but I also have a question. I’ve submitted my page to the project, but I don’t know if I need to await any kind of “passed” state in FCC itself. Right now the checkbox for this project is unmarked, so I don’t know if I need to re-submit it or just keep going.

This is just generally good Design.

Good use of the black and white space. Appropriate font Choice for the Subject.

The photo credit was inserted, a thing that many people rarely remember to do.

And, it is Fully responsive, even at tiny widths.
Nice Job…

You might want to remove this period, to make it cohesive with the rest of the text:

Receives the National Heritage Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Thank you, Alless! :slight_smile: I appreciate your feedback greatly.
And yes, I removed the period :smiley: It escaped my attention! Thank you for pointing it out :grin:

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It’s a cute page! Really cool! Keep it up!

Your page looks super clean and the responsiveness is great. Great job with this project!

Completely agree with everyone else, this is very nice. Just a few picky things (just to be “that guy”).

  • As I narrow my browser, at some point I’m getting a horizontal scroll bar. Granted, it does not scroll more than a few pixels but it probably shouldn’t be there.
  • You’ve jumped from an <h1> to an <h3>. While this is technically not a WCAG failure, best practices suggest that you don’t skip heading levels. So I would normally suggest you make it an <h2>. But in this case, the content isn’t really a heading but rather a quote. So I would either make it just a plain old <p>, or a <blockquote> if you want to get fancy.
  • But those dates, those look like headings to me, and so they should probably be marked up as headings. Make them all <h2>s.
  • For the image, I would use a <figure> and then you can put the copyright in a <figcaption>. Also, usually credits are wrapped in <small>.
  • Good use of the image alt text but you don’t want to include the phrase “image of” in the alt text.

Bacana ! :slight_smile:
The beauty of learning is that no one can steal it from you.
by B. B. KING.

Thank you kindly, Mike! :slight_smile: I’m having a lot of fun styling and building up all the challenges!

Thank you!! I’m always struggling with responsiveness, so this is a good practice :grin:

Oh do be that guy, haha. Thank you for the feedback, I’ve updated the alt text, figured out the scroll bar and got rid of the issue. Also changed h2 and p…
Now just need to resolve the figure and the small, but that is for later hour :smiley:

I appreciate your advice!

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