Shawn Michaels Tribute Page FEEDBACK PLEASE

Here’s my first draft. I’m brand new to coding so any feedback is much appreciated

Just noticed that my links to youtube videos in the page are not working. Anyone know what I did wrong?

I gave target="_blank" to anchor tags and it worked, however can’t understand why it doesn’t work without it

I do not know - but if you’re interest - yo can embed youtube videos into your html pages - requires a little research - and you can either have it auto play or just be there so they can play it on your site without having to leave

You can also make your checkboxes (connected with favorite match) to look better separating them with some margin.

I’d also create some breaks so each radio button is in its own line.

And the ‘DRY’ part of me tells me your radio buttons don’t have to say shawn michaels every time, that way you could do a two column bootstrap thing and have them line up

and since you have 7 options the ‘last’ row with the other could just be one column.

Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

I totally agree with formatting the radio buttons. I’ll have a look at tidying them up tonight

Embedded video is also pretty cool.

In general, I like to keep people on ‘my pages’ as much as possible - if they leave to go to youtube they might never come back :slight_smile:

Haha, I suppose you’re right, I was just worried that too many embedded videos might make the page look a bit untidy. I’ll embed the videos tonight and see how it looks

Well - IF you wanted to be super fancy - and i’m sure this is doable
there’s a thing in bootstrap (i think) called a carousel - you know click for the next one? You could embed the videos WITHIN the carousel - and then only one video is on the screen at a time :slight_smile:

As you get into javascript you’ll also learn how to have all the video links set up and only have one at a time until they ask for the ‘next’ one

Also - youtube has those playlists right? Perhaps you could create a playlist of all the videos and embed that?

@HovhannesMkoyan It doesn’t work becuase codepen won’t allow you to open the link in that tab for security reasons. Using _blank, is the way around it (like you mentioned).
@jemagee a carousel of videos sounds awesome

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Nice work! I noticed you used the class="text-center" alot, it might save time to use text-align: center; in the CSS sheet for your p tags.

Also if you add the class “img-responsive” to your image it should make it scale to the screen no matter the size. There’s also a way to do it with your video iframe:

I did it on the tribute page I just finished.

Keep up the good work!