Shipping certificates overseas?

I got my front-end development certificate a few days ago. I’m interested if the fcc team makes a real life version of the certificates, and do they ship them overseas? If they do, do you have to pay, and how much would it cost? I’m sorry if this topic was already open. Thanks in advance!

The certificate can be downloaded and printed, or linked. FCC does not print or send the certificates, but you can do it yourself and it’s still a valid certificate. Also, you can link back to it, like people do on LinkedIn.

I added it to my LinkedIn. I’ve seen one of the Coding tutorials 360 videos recently, and Dylan has his certificate hanging on the wall. That’s why I’m asking.

Anyone with a color printer and some cardstock could do it. We don’t have magic paper or ink in San Francisco. :wink:

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I think it would be great if there was a button on the certificate page that you can click that automatically adds it to LinkedIN. I’ve seen this done before on other sites.

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That would be cool to have a auto link. I have not reached mine yet (50%) but when i do hopfully its easy to redeem :grinning:

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